Tuesday, 8 January 2019

When you are inspired to create a Kindness Scavenger Hunt...

Inspiration for kindness is everywhere.

E V E R Y W H E R E.

Especially when you follow an incredible bunch of passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic educators/humans on Twitter.

Over Christmas, I found myself inspired by a tweet from one of my faves Tamara Letter  (@tamaraletter) whose book A Passion For Kindness comes out soon! Tamara wrote a beautiful blog post about a gift she received from her son Daniel for Christmas... a kindness scavenger hunt!

Read the full blog post here 

Now, I always reserve the first day back after the holidays for a "Kindness 101" day filled with random and not so random acts of kindness, but Tamara's post put the gears in motion to switch it up and provide my students with their own version of a Kindness Scavenger Hunt!

After being inspired by Tamara and her son Daniel, I brainstormed some age appropriate, free and simple ways our Kindergarten students could demonstrate and look for kindness in our own school community.

Here is what I came up with! (THANK YOU TAMARA!)

We chatted about New Year's celebrations and how we each took time to honour the new year with our families. Food, traditions, clothing, decorations... I told the kids about the fun glasses our family wore for our celebration and asked if they would like to wear them too! I was met with a very enthusiastic "YES!" I explained that our glasses were not only fun but that they would help us seek out kindness throughout our day as we moved through the hunt together. They became affectionately known as "Kindness Glasses" for the day. ;)

Our hunt was made up of 6 clues. The invitation to participate and first clue was left in our classroom in a gift bag as the students came in...

There is so much goodness in our school
Let’s get off to a happy start
Head to the office and give them this treat
This is sure to help grow their heart!

So off we went to the office to deliver some "encourage-mint" to our staff...

(Sorry! I got so excited on our first stop that I forgot to take any pictures!)

Our second clue...

Let’s do a loop in our school hallway
With smiles from ear to ear
We can high five everyone we meet
And wish them “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" and smiles from ear to ear? Now THAT we could do!

Our third clue was found in the library and read like this...

Do you think you know how to say
“Happy New Year” in the Blackfoot way?
Miss Fox should be able to help us out!
That’s what kindness is all about!

Thank goodness we were able to visit with the amazing Miss Fox so she could teach us the proper way to wish someone a happy year in Blackfoot!

We were pros by the time we left...

Clue number 4...

Mrs. Maier and her grade one crew
are always having fun
Let’s go ask them to dance with us
And give them this treat when we’re done.

A Go Noodle dance break, some high fives and some left over sweet treats from a previous activity were good for all of us to share!

Clue number 5...

Our class of kids loves to colour
You always know what to do!
Let’s share our extra colouring sheets
With Mrs. Cormican and her crew!

Mrs. Cormican was SO excited for us to visit but even MORE excited to give us our next clue!

Our final clue was read like this...

How do you feel having spent time
Spreading all kinds of kindness and smiles?
Head back to our class to write a kind note
Then put them all into piles.
(Thanks for that idea kindness.org!)

When your work is all done
think with your heart
about all of the good that you’ve seen
Then settle on back for your own sweet treat
Mrs. Mac brought you jelly beans!

Thank you so much for all that you do
To make our world so much kinder
Your heart is so big and we’re grateful for you
Thanks for the kindness reminder.

 What a beautiful way to kick off 2019 together! And all because of an incredibly thoughtful son (that's you Daniel!) and a kindness hero who was brave enough to share (that's you Tamara!)

I hope YOU can find your kindness inspiration this 2019. Remember... it's everywhere.


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