Tuesday, 15 January 2019

What time do we really have? A #TeacherMyth blog prompt

After being challenged by Aaron Hogan (@aaron_hogan) during a #TeacherMyth chat last Tuesday to write a reflection about finding time to write, I have spent a lot of time being more aware and intentional about how my time is being used.

Here is what I have discovered:

I have responsibilities, duties, situations and things that I love in my life that take up much of my time...

  • My 3 kids who need loving
  • A husband who currently works away (yikes)
  • A full time job that I love
  • A house that needs maintaining
  • A yard that needs working
  • Friends who need me/who I need
  • Family who need me/who I need
  • Meals that need making
  • A body that needs to be exercised
  • Coffee that needs drinking
  • Dishes that need washing
  • Books that need reading
  • Laundry that needs folding/beds that need making
  • Board games that need playing
  • Social media accounts that I like maintaining
  • Snow that needs shovelling/leaves that need raking
  • "The Bachelor" that needs watching (yes, needs...)
  • And hopefully soon, a dog that needs walking
That's quite the list! (Side note: We have been on a path of "minimalism" for several years in our family. Less clutter, less stuff in both our minds and in our home has been freeing and IS what has allowed me to even start a blog in the past 18 months! I am proud of this list and how many things are NOT on it...)

I also have times to write and reflect:
  • In the morning before the kids get up
  • At night after the kids go to bed
With the list of needs/wants for my time, I have realized this week that my days are jam packed. It has made me realize that I don't stop (especially on Kindergarten school days where I am always "on")! It has made me proud to realize just how well I AM using my time. I took Mel Robbins advice this week of making a "have done" list instead of a "to do" list for one day and I impressed myself with just how much I am getting done (YAY me!)

But, it has also made me reflect on the fact that I have 2 times a day where reflection could be/needs to be done... morning and night. Morning when I hit the snooze button AT LEAST 3 times and morning (ugh, I have never been a morning person...) or night once our kids are settled in for the night and I just feel like checking out (it is "The Bachelor" season after all...)

So, I have spent the week setting that alarm for just 15-30 minutes early each morning this week and BINGO! It has been just the ticket to starting my day off right! It has been an optimal time to journal (again, thanks to Mel Robbins the "5 Second Journal" has been a lifesaver!), to blog (It is 6:16 as I finish this blog) and to set my intention for the day.

I feel rejuvenated and excited to start reflecting again. To blog, to journal and who knows what else I might decide to do with this extra time in my day!?

Thank you for the challenge Aaron! It has been a great way to become more aware and conscious of time and how planning is the KEY to finding more time in my day.

Take on the #TeacherMyth challenge for yourself!

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