Tuesday, 1 January 2019

One Word 2019: Wellness

The scary thing about putting a #oneword out there is the commitment you now have to following through. The accountability to get the job done. Wellness wasn’t going to be my word because it seems so darn cliche to set a “wellness” goal for the year.

But when I learned that ‘wellness’ encompasses 7 domains (physical, social, financial, intellectual, environmental, spiritual and emotional) I knew that it needed to be my #oneword for 2019.

My 2018 #oneword was CHANGE. I wanted to embrace it, lean into it and BE it. And change we did. A move to a new city/house/division/school was just the change we needed to be closer to our family and to feel less alone. 

And while the changes have been positive (we’ve been dreaming about making these moves for 11 years!) my social, physical, emotional and intellectual wellness have all take quite the blow. 

Based on last year’s commitment to my #oneword and the way it guided our life, I have high hopes for “wellness” guiding me in 2019. Battling anxiety, taking care of my physical/mental health and building stronger social connections are all part of becoming a better mother, wife, teacher and human. 

I am thankful for all of YOU. I know you’ll be checking in and keeping me accountable. I know your tweets and chats will challenge me and inspire me. And I know that I am surrounded by amazing humans who care deeply, work relentlessly and love fiercely. Bring it on 2019. #oneword

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